Castlevania: Lords of Shadows – small review

I must admit that I am one of the fans of this series. This has given me hours and hours of gameplay, developing one of the most criticized, but loved game mechanics, the whip of Simon Belmont is today one of the most popular weapon in the gaming history. The way the original titles managed to combine fighting with elements of platforming and puzzle were close to another famous title, called Metroid Lords of Shadow, that manages to combine, in turn, these elements in an environment that looks great - check out top options.

In big lines, the game shows a linear experience with a few open spaces, in which the player can have really good moments of fun, but most of the time he will spend head-scratching on how to solve a puzzle in the game. These puzzles are highly developed, some of them are highly extended in the game. Yet, this game presents some of the problems present on PS2, exactly, sometimes faulty construction of the level, and the camera angle that seems to stress the player. I still need to recognize that these small flaws are few, but notable - click to play.

For those who have tried Uncharted 2 or the series Prince of Persia will find familiar the platform of the game. This is nothing new, but makes the gameplay to be fluent, Mercury Steam, the game creators going on the principle: “if it is not broke, or why fix it”.

Speaking about the puzzles in the game, I can say that if you have liked Portal, you will love from this point of view the game Castlevania. Not only that you will feel fulfilled once you fix one, but the level of detail and the way they solve will leave many players to wonder if they are in fact masochists. The answer is Yes!!! The game was made with the help of Hideo Kojima, known for the level of complexity that gives to its games, but also for the endless cinematic sequences that implements in his games.

The game is filled up with cinematic sequences even in puzzles, combining such elements that we have encountered in Metal Gear Solid series. However, for those who want a Hack and Slash experience, the player may be exempt from these elements, paying reward points for the game to solve the puzzles automatically to leave you playing in peace and to savor the landscape.

At the base, Lords of Shadow is a combination of several games. That does not mean it is trying to copy these games. One can say that it combines Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry, God of War and many other games in a way that nobody thought possible. It is a good game to play.